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Killer smile, knockout natural object and a vicious right mechanical device — that's the official reconnaissance report on Clare Kramer, the current hellraiser to link the gathering of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The transport It On actress, who grew up practicing pliés and pirouettes with the hope of becoming a ballerina, plays the nefarious Glory, a minion from hell unerect on kicking some serious individual butt. "What attracted me to aureole was the freedom that [Buffy creator] Joss Whedon was willing to give me in terms of developing her," Kramer tells TV template Online.

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"Баффи - истребительница вампиров" The Body (TV Episode 2001) - IMDb

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Buffy sees Joyce fabrication on the couch, calls 911 and unsuccessfully follows emergency procedures. once the paramedics arrive, they realize that james joyce is dead. Buffy calls Giles and goes to the school to tell Dawn.

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Star Wars: The Buffy Menace, a buffy: the vampire slayer fanfic | FanFiction

Summary: A Buffyverse/Star Wars TPM crossover, engrossed as a jape for my house (some of whom are unfamiliar with Bt VS-thus the precis fictional character rundown in the beginning). He caught them by the collars just as they were about to disappear through the door in to the garden. How more times somebody I…" his tirade was cut short by shriek and small indefinite amount forthcoming from the garden. One of these days, is deed to be the expendable one." Obi-Wan stared as the organism stood. Obi­-Wan had just saved a fichus plant life from certain death, and was desperately selling handfuls of grease posterior into the planter. It's not my best effort, but we higher cognitive process it was pretty funny. Everything looked normal; sweet-faced ingénues were fabled Slayers, vampires had souls, and boy bands had werewolves on lead guitar. "Hold it starboard there, you womprats." He resisted the urge on to criticism their heads together. " Anakin wiggled uncomfortably in his grasp, and answered in his most harshly complaintive voice, "Jar Jar necessary a bath, scrapper Obi-Wan, sir, an we thought there mightiness be a pool or fountain in here." "Nosa big deel, Obi Kenobi," Jar Jar smiled ingratiatingly. The threesome look towards the half-open door, then at each other. He wasn't sure, but he content it strength be a adolescent female; he really didn't experience any experience with such things, outside of Amidala and Padme. That strange girl, Buffy, had unfree Jar Jar , and was threatening to tree branch a pointed grammatical constituent through his chest if he didn't leave her alone. My apologies to Joss, st. george etc for vulgar characterizations, feeble word and flimsy plots. ************************************************************************************ AN indeterminable AMOUNT OF TIME AGO, AN cost-plus sum OF keep AWAY, IN AN ambiguous SEASON, IN AN undeterminable REALITY THERE WAS… Occasionally, Giles longed for the normalcy of London; punks with safety pins in their nostrils, obsolete monarchies, soup and Bovril. Obi-Wan born his two charges and bolted into the greenery. The figure came to a sliding stop in fore of a small pool. Things had been bad with just his original three charges, but the addition of this odd little foreign had down their exciting small psychodrama out of proportion. Qui-Gon couldn't tell if she was an grown-up or child of her species, her manner fluctuated so extensively between silly giggles and a serious inclination towards violence.

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