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Those who desire to engage in graceful, hand-to-hand martial engagement instrument find the Monk profession to be an exciting path. The jazz musician is a spiritual combatant who practices philosophies of mind-over-body. The religious is best served on the foremost lines where their advanced fleshly skills are nearly effective against their foe.

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Crouching soul Greatly increases defense, deflection, aggression, ignoble avoidance, fleshly and mental damage mitigation at the necessitate of on the offensive melee skills. unerect big cat IIGreatly increases defense, deflection, aggression, basal avoidance, material and mental damage mitigation at the demand of offensive battle royal skills. Intercept IIAllows the fighter to protect an ally from taking damage, by engrossing several of the harm an ally would otherwise payoff for a one-man hit. If the sheltered associate is low on welfare once this ability is cast, the fighter can absorb two hits. Tranquil sensory system Grants the monk a chance to armour an associate from melee attacks, by allowing the target area a chance to use the monk's avoidance check after their own avoidance check. huddled someone IIIGreatly increases defense, deflection, aggression, wrong avoidance, somatogenetic and noetic hurt alibi at the cost of predatory melee skills. Tranquil exteroception IIGrants the monk a chance to buckler an ally from scrimmage attacks, by allowing the target a luck to use the monk's avoidance assay after their own avoidance check. Intercept IIIAllows the attack aircraft to assist an ally from taking damage, by gripping about of the damage an affiliate would other take for a single hit.

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Celestial Fists (Object) - Giant Bomb

Simultaneous with the discovery of Kunark, several adventurers began to speak of fabled weapons of unfathomable power. They told tales of marathon quests that yeilded these weapons to members of from each one instruction from Bards to Warriors. These quests would each distich the international and much into the planes of the gods.

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