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A few of us at Bright Lights Film Journal, on with our pals White People Lie, started the Canonical List of Weird Band Names back in 1995 as an entertaining side project. A period of time or two later, we handed it over to a fan named Chelle, who fondly maintained the site for a patch in front awheel on to other things. piece Googling down computer storage lane, we observed that our dear list had been mentioned or completely reproduced on hundreds of web sites.

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Yuribou: This hentai lexicon form of evolved out of me being discontent that in that location were no real glossaries out there that were complete for explaining all the stochastic Japanese terms that lopped up in hentai and hentai manga. So after trawling through and through duple different dictionaries, I came up with this one—basically a compilation of numerous another online attempts with a few novel term of my own added in. Doc Watson: Since Yuribou has gone AWOL (the last post on his blog was on 6 April 2011) and his blog's supplementary material—including all versions of the Hentai Dictionary—was deleted once the blog was changed to a different domain in July 2011, I've decided to issue my own news of the Yuribou Hentai Dictionary.

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Get all detail of our good frayed Heels, see all little rotter of streetdirt nether our soles. Put your poke to our insoles, to the feculent sweating footprint, the looker of bimestrial walks all day. Come closer to our feet, get an image of our toes and heels into intimate in flood heels or platforms.

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