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I get been with my man nearly 5 period , and been living in agreement for a year , we have a realy good sex being even though hes only ready-made me orgasm twice i still cognizance mostly forfilled, active 6 months ago i establish hed been on the laptop looking at fetich sites for men that suchlike pantyhose leotards and stockings. when i first launch it i retributory had a little nervy facial expression to myself and content "thats what he likes" so i started dressing up fpr him in these little outfits he asked me to buy and i do still i sometimes dress up for him all day and i get scads of attractive feature and good sex too, but i have found that in these last 6 months hes been masterbating nearly all day , play pictures of women from these pantyhose devotion sites, he does it all day ahead work and all case he thinks he has long enough to do it , for example he does while im in the room , he stay up advanced weekends and does it (even if we have had sex up to 3 instance that day) hes too got up in the night and through with it , and i bang its inbred for men to period of time smut and masterbate but all DAY ? its always pics of women in leotards , ive asked him active the fetish and he aforesaid he likes the ambiance of them and likes the browned glossy ones all but of the pictures are tastefull and ive tried talking to him about and the 1st example he was mortified and embarressed and didnt want to talk about it , point 2 months after that i walked in on him looking at it early one sat morning , he gets up earlier weekends for this stuff when i walking in earlier that morning he didnt speak to me for 2 days coz he was so embarressedabout it he wont talk to me just about the masterbation but does his festish especialy since im pandering to it almost all the time i like mixture up for him , it gives me security and makes me atmosphere auto-erotic but i fair dont believe why he has to looking at these sites every morning before work and evenings if he gets a danger hes even looked at it while ive been in the room downloading pics once i someone gently approached him about it he says he hasnt been on it since the 1st time i rundle to him about it and hes got pics on laptop, p.c.

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As far as I can call up I have been well aroused by women wearing pantyhose. At the age of close to 14 or 15 i started eating away tights and masturbating with them. At the period i was shamed to give tongue to my girlfriend at the period around it.

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What is a Pantyhose Fetish? - Definition from Kinkly

People with a tights hoodoo commonly turn sexually aroused direct wearing pantyhose, watching added people wear pantyhose, or both. They may also become aroused by watching individual put on or remove pantyhose. A person with a pantyhose fetish is known as a leotards fetishist.

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