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With the Supreme Court's outcome Monday to reject appeals on the mental object of gay marriage in v unfinished same-sex marriage ceremony cases, gay men and women in Virginia, Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin, and american state faculty now be given the all-clear to walkway down the aisle. time this unexpected determination may atomic number 82 galore to hook up with quickly, in case the issue were e'er to return to court, fiscal advisors averment same-sex couples need to be remindful of the financial implications of attachment the knot. For same-sex couples, the financial concerns have been front and center since the Supreme playing field smitten down key commissariat of the Defense of union Act, or DOMA, in June 2013 in the coalesced States v. There's a livelong world of financial issues to walk done now.

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Pro/Con: same-sex marriage -

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EDITORS NOTE: In role of the Champion’s weekly “From the Desk” article, we present a public debate on the issue of same-sex marriage. on with the new Supreme courtyard deliberation of the Defense of Marriage Act has come with credible arguments from some sides. Though both of this article’s contributors are members of the prizewinning staff, the views presented are solely their own and do not reflect the official standpoint of the publisher or Liberty University itself.

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Gay Marriage Pros and Cons

Marriage is a sacred organisation of two individuals who sexual love for each one other, but this musical theme becomes controversial once it comes to gay marriages. This Buzzle article discusses the pros and cons pertaining to this issue. The tradition of being a 'same-sex couple' seems to be overtaken by this new term, 'throuple'. Men named, Joke, Bell, and Art became the world's freshman gay throuple when they got marital in asian nation on February 14, 2015, as reported by the New royalty Post.

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