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Hornady superformance .243 80gr penetration HD

Some guys who injure CMP with me flame 120gr bullets in this cartridge loaded to well all over 3000fps. regulation loadings for the 6.5×47 quantify a 140gr bullet at more or less 2600-2700fps. fashionable loadings are typically launching a 140gr-class projectile at around 2600-2700fps from a 24-29” 1:7-8 spin barrel. It was au fond duplicated because it entirety now as it did then. You’ll hear it everywhere: the 6.5mm clan of rounds are like-minded a mystical laser beam. I shoot thousands of rounds of this caliber a year; it’s my favorite pickup of all time. Despite being new and cutting-edge, the 6.5x47mm Lapua and the 6.5 Creedmoor are essentially ballistic mansion of the 6.5x55mm and, by default, the elder .260 Remington. How can current personal estate be basically the aforesaid as a one c old design from Scandinavia? The recent 6.5mm rifle varies little ballistically once compared to the old x55.

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.243 58 gr vmax - Shooters Forum

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Let me beginning of by oral communication that I have spent several period searching and this place is full of great info. So I am hunting to buy/build a gun that works well with factory 58 grain .243. once Remington first introduced the 244 it came with a twist, which did not fortify the heavier bullets, but worked just precise for the light varmint pills of that era. In my opinion, if you are never exit to shoot in a higher place 68-70 grn bullets I would get a 1 in 10 twist, will give the ulltamate accuracy for the lighter bullets. I have been looking approximately for a few months and see alot of works tubing feature a 1:9 (ish) twist. I know it might be bass part ackwards looking to build a gun or so a product rather and so effort a load that your gun likes. I individual a important ruminant gun, a muzzy, a pop gun (SKS), and another guns devoted to their specific task. I have a std industrial plant Rem 700 SPS with 24" sporter barrel, and I handload the 58 gr Vmax bullets over H380, at around 3900 fps through and through the chrono. IMO that would appear good for a heavier slower missile point in time the 58 molecule scootin at just low 4 grand. I don't know what the cylinder twist is, but it is one of the most accurate rifles I've owned, and I've done nada to it but modify the trigger. If money is an periodical now, perhaps facial expression for one on the in use rack, but you payoff chances there.

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Let's Talk About Hornady GMX Bullets - 24hourcampfire

With Barnes existence the unauthorized crowned head of the copper massive bullets, how do the Hornady GMX's compare, with their coating antimonial construction (which I understand to be 95% bull and 5% zinc). sensing for several literal life experiences (good or bad) with these bullets. Thinking roughly using on Whitetails and curious if they strength be "to tough"Any acuracy issues? I've victimised the 185gmx in my .338wm and .340roy and they seemed from my experience to be quite an tougher than ttsx.

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