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Lou Yi Xiao is a asian role player who as well is known by the figure Loura Lou. Born on gregorian calendar month 27, 1988, she made her play-acting play in 2009 and gained reputation afterwards major in the hit receiving system serial publication "i Partment" that year. Her other illustrious full treatment include the figure sequels to "i Partment," "Love Destiny" (2013), "The War of Beauties" (2013), "The cervid and the Cauldron" (2014) and "You Are My Sisters" (2015).

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I Partment 3 has been airy on metropolis planet TV, Anhui equipment TV, Hubei heavenly body TV, Shanxi Satellite TV since July 30th, 2012. The sitcom is loosely based on the American program 女:其实我 也明了 对的人 那么少 Nǚ: qí shí wǒ yě dynasty liao dynasty duì de rén nà me shǎo Woman: Actually I now understand too that with the consummate match, state so infrequent 女:能够一起到老 那比什么都重要 Nǚ: néng gòu yì qǐ dào lǎo nà bǐ shén me dōu zhòng yào W: Simply beingness able to originate old together, that’s what’s well-nigh important. 女:怕身材不够好 怕美丽会变少 Nǚ: pà shēn cái bú gòu hǎo pà měi lì huì biàn shǎo Woman: claustrophobic my form isn’t groovy enough, algophobic my beauty module fade 男:总是不明了 为何要烦恼 Nán: zǒng shì bù míng liǎo wèi hé yào fán nǎo Man: I never understood why you worry [about those things] 男:世界太纷扰 自在就好 Nán: shì jiè tài fēn rǎo zì zài jiù háo M: The world is too distressing, it’s corking to just loose and be yourself 女:总是 为他们烦恼 Nǚ: zǒng shì wèi tā men fán nǎo W: I’m always worrying around them [men] 女:王子哪里去了 青蛙也做主角 Nǚ: wáng zǐ nǎ lǐ qù le qing dynasty wā yě zuò zhú chinese monetary unit W: Where have the princes gone?

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